August 25, 2009

WIPs: I've got rainbows coming out my...

Following the same theme as the first bear (Grateful Dead Teddy), Laura's replacement bear is going to be a crazed, drugged-up rainbow fiend.

Here, you see the arms and the legs that lead up to the base of the body (otherwise known as the crotch), as well as the rainbow ganglii that flow from their psychedelic rainbow origins. The body and head will be pink, but the hair will make a reappearance and, if the child insists upon it, the belly rainbow might be back, too.

This the same shrug I made for myself in blue. I measured it for my sister and am doing a seed stitch instead of the stockinette and I'm in love with the color. Cream. Boring. I love it.

And THIS is proof that I will not be bested by a knitting pattern's directions to knit 11 together. The Miragamo bag WILL happen. *she says, although she has only gotten through the top band*

1 comment:

Nina said...

That is going to be one adorable Teddy! Kids tend to love colorful stuff. :)