August 21, 2009

Why do I agree to these things?

I recently had a very generous offer from one of my grandmother-in-laws to have an old sewing machine. I figured it had to be better than the one already in my possession. What I didn't know was that it is attached to a sewing table. I already had a sewing machine AND a sewing table. But I come from a long line of keepers (hoarders, in other words). Goodness knows my mom probably three Tupperware containers made solely for mixing salad dressing because she inherited one from my grandma and one from my great-grandma and no, she can't just throw them out or give them away and besides, me or sis might want them someday.

So now I have two old sewing machines (the original in sitting on top of new one, which is folded inside the table), and two sewing tables (the old is folded up and propped against some shelves because I have nowhere else to put it). The new table, thankfully, is much more attractive and even has storage in the doors. I have not tested the "new" machine, but the "old" one badly needs a tuneup so it probably works at least as well. The kicker is that I'm not a frickin sewer. So despite the midwestern depression-style reasons floating around in my head of why it would be sensible to keep all of this, I will resist and rid myself of the ugly old table and machine.

In other news...because I have to share this...

I went to see Jason Mraz in concert last night AND IT WAS AWESOME! Opening were K'Naan (a fun Somali singer/rapper) and G Love and Special Sauce (doing some sweet things on the harmonica).

Photo by Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune

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Nina said...

Ooh, I could *so* use a table like that! The one I have now is a bit too high, so I'm sitting with my shoulders hunched up while sewing. Which is causing my neck to cramp up and that in turn causes my head to hurt. Pah. I need a new table. Or a higher chair..