August 3, 2009

Is that gillyweed??

No, silly! Neville gives you an "T" (Troll) in herbology!*

This is my mutant carrot. I didn't know that when I planted carrot seeds inside early last spring that: 1) you needn't plant carrot seeds inside, and 2) you best plant your carrot seeds spaced the way you want them to actually grow because it is not possible to split them. So when we transplanted in May, the clump of carrot tendrils went into the ground as-is, and then I planted more seeds spaced appropriately. The result is a nice row of long, bushy carrot stems alluding to the delicious veggies brewing beneath the surface. The longest, bushiest part of the row was the clump of transplants, the fruits of which were twisting arms and legs around each other so prolifically that they apparently couldn't grow under ground anymore and, thus, started oozing towards the light - albeit stunted and, well, ugly.

So I pulled the mutant carrot up to see what it looked like. If I get ambitious (boy, if I had a nickel...) I might pull them apart and try to make diorama figures out of them, kind of like you see in Joost Elffers's book, Play With Your Food.

IN CRAFTING NEWS... I have none. More WIPs coming soon, though - a bear, brasilian jasper, and a Lake Superior homage!

* Harry Potter reference. Gillyweed, a squishy and tenticley substance, allows you to breathe under water for one hour. Taken orally.

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Nina said...

wow, those are some funky looking carrots! :D