May 28, 2009

A new sweater just in time for June

Thanks to Peony Knits, I have made my first true clothing item! The pattern is simple and I made it even simpler by just using stockinette stitch along with the ribbing instead of the suggested stitch. Okay, it was a bit tedious, but that's why you have to have a few projects going at once.

Figuring the gauge on this was super easy, which is great because I'm super bad at it. See the post on Bruce's collar for proof.

I used a cheap Caron Brand acrylic because that's what it called for. And because it was cheap. And I like the color. So right now it's soft and sharp looking, and hopefully it won't get too pilly too quickly. Having made it myself, I may actually take care of it by hand washing it to make it last longer. We'll see. Who actually hand washes things?

The button is the most expensive button I've ever bought - but I love it. It's a celluloid, swirly thing made sometime between 1915 and 1930. Bought it at an LYS from a woman who spends her life collecting and selling vintage buttons, many of which date back to the 19th century. So $12 isn't so bad for such a cool button. I also bought a very pretty mother-of-pearl button that's in the shape of some sort of plumeria-type bloom.

So, it's not very fitted, but that's why you call it a "shrug," right? My next piece of clothing will be a little more advanced, but I'm glad I started with this one.

May 26, 2009

The best kind of gift

My niece, Laura (who is four), loves to do "projects."

So one day she decided to make a card for me and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. On the front there is a "T" for Theresa, along with some other things Laura likes. I'm not sure what the "A" is for.

Inside, she spelled my name, only it was started a little too far to the right, so when she ran out of room she just went back to the beginning to finish. I used to do the same thing, only I started out spelling my name "oieusa" or something crazy like that. People must have told me the right letters, but, you know, sometimes when you're four you just do what you want.

Again, not sure what the "T" and the "A" are about (especially since I have neither - ha!), other than that they are in my name. The figures below that, however, I can clearly interpret as X's (albeit sideways) and O's - hugs and kisses. The "L" is for Laura, of course, and then she signs it with I love you. Too sweet.

May 20, 2009

Yes, it does look strikingly bare

Upon closer inspection, the plants we started from seed in March/April and transplanted about a week ago don't look so great. I'm hoping it's because conditions outside are naturally more harsh than the ideal of a windless, temperate indoor room with twelve hours of sunlight each day. We'll see. We're learning that some things should not be started indoors, and others should be painstakingly spaced from the outset, and others we could have started even earlier. Whatever...I'm excited to see what we get.

Lucas's card and bear

A little blurry, but this card was made via Becky's cricut machine. Awwwe-sommme! It cut out the card with the carriage front, and it also cut out a coordinating envelope. It recently went to six-week-old Lucas, the baby of a friend from high school. His bear turned out very cute with a little cabled scarf, even if his ears are a little snaggley.

And I'll be making more animals whenever I have some time. There has been ZERO time to knit for the last week because my sister and her family are staying with us due to a fire in their house. No one was in it, but the smoke damaged everything. Everything. Photos and scrapbooks are among the most lamented losses, of course. It's fun having them here, but life is much busier. So a bear and an elephant are in the queue to replace Laura and Sam's originals.

One of these days I'll also finish the shrug I've been making for myself. In the mean time, I'll post more about the garden because the kids love helping outside. They do not love helping me knit.

May 15, 2009

Mischief Managed: Complete disregard for her own health

We built a pathway from the back walk to the front walk last year along the north side of the house. The grass on either side was cleared, too, because we plan on putting some shade-loving something-or-others in there. Oh, man. Landscaping is not for ninnies.

Other areas of the yard have taken presidence over filling these strips of dirt (the garden, mostly), and so the weeds have been having their way with the area. We periodically clear some of them, which is why they appear to stop abruptly. I'm not sure what Penny was chasing in there, but I'm trying to teach her "out." It's not going well. But she's allergic to something in the yard and spends way too much time licking her paws because of it. Apparently, dogs can be allergic to creeping charlie, and although the purple flowers look kind of pretty here, I'd like to get rid of this naughty weed. I think I'm allergic to it, too.

Penny also likes to roll around in the grass sometimes, after which she struggles to wipe the dirt away from her eyes. You'd think she'd stop doing it, but that would be altogether too logical. At least she doesn't roll around in her own filth.

The lilacs. "Love it!" *I say while kicking up leg.*

May 14, 2009

Dear Bruce,

I'm so sorry I failed at making your decorative collar. I thought I measured it out right, but it ended up being about five inches too long. Also, I totally messed up your name. It's practically illegible. Obviously, my tension with the white lettering was vastly different from that of the blue strap. And as you can see, the result is a sad, disjointed row of letters - some of which are squished, and the rest of which are stretched. Wah waahhhh.

Humbly yours,

May 10, 2009

Sleepy Pete

The sock monkey that I received from Danger Kitty Design's giveaway contest is now named "Sleepy Pete."

This honors a time in my life when I wanted my own name to be Pete. I believe it was in first grade. It may or may not have stemmed from a desire to be a boy...I do remember feeling like frilly, girly things were weird and I always noticed that boys were treated differently than girls. Or it could be that I was just infatuated with the sound of the name. All I know for sure is that sometime during the few weeks of this unfortunate phase we got our yearbooks, and mine definitely belonged to Pete.

May 8, 2009

Free giveaway item has been given away

This is the hat I made for the winner of my free giveaway! You can get the pattern in pdf form from The Soapy Knitter. Love it!

I made one for myself first to see if it worked well. It's hard to tell here but mine is dark green with lots of flecks.

May 6, 2009

The thing I did buy from Craftstravaganza

I've been meaning to get one of these for a while: the Cozy Corset Cuff by Danger Kitty Designs. As usual, I had a hard time making a decision. I was tempted by the owl prints and mini kitty heads, but I LOVE this one. In browns, blues, and greens the apples side is a corduroy and the stripes side is a thick twill (right term? I don't know). I probably get coffee once a month, which I'm proud of because it's so expensive. But this puppy is adjustable so I can use it for soda or possibly even beer. Or just one of my own glasses containing one of the many cool, summer drinks I'll be starting to enjoy soon. At the show, DK also pointed out that it can fit on a pint-sized ice cream carton :) . DK also sells headbands, bags, and "nelephants" here.

May 5, 2009

Top 5 things I'd buy from Craftstravaganza!

It. Was. Awesome. Except for all those people breathing on me, which is another story...


1. Best deal: Recycled collage art by Xanthe Walker. This one is titled "Almost Home," and a signed print sells for $15! I also love "Green Bird and Blue Swirls."

2. Most educational: Clothes and buttons with the faces of feminism by KM Stitchery. A set of five buttons sells for $5 - you choose the faces. I choose Susan B. Anthony, Gloria Steinem, Frida Kahlo...

3. Best supply: Hand-spun and dyed yarn by Aisha Celia Designs. These decadent skeins are the boldest, most colorful I've ever seen. Prices aren't listed online, but her website lists show dates. You could use it for anything, or just let it sit there and look pretty.

4. Most useful: These dog collars are leather-lined and fronted with various cute fabrics. By Cosmos Collars. They're made well and range from frou-frou prints to funky stripes, depending on how ok you are with dressing up your dog. Again, no prices listed online. Bonus point for having a mascot dog that looks like mine.

5. Best design fusion: Ukrainian-style eggs with alternately-cultured patterns by John Carlson. This one came from a local goose, displays a Southwestern design, was created using a Ukrainian wax-resist method, and sells for $50. Apparently the goose lost her mate and kept laying infertile eggs, figuring she'd just sit on them until they hatched...a story the artist relates to the legend of the Phoenix.

Honorable mentions:
Pam Loudy Glass - each pendant, earring, or bracelet is unique. Shiny things are cool.
Katie Benson Home Decor and Design - cute felt flowers you can put on anything, plus more bird-themed wall art, of which I can't get enough.
Junk Mail Gems - brilliant idea if you want to make stuff with free materials!

May 2, 2009


Super excited for this craft show going on at the State Fairgrounds today. Probably not buying anything, but I like to collect people's cards so I can remember all the cool stuff they make. Hopefully my mom will find some nice things to bring to Brasil for gifts.