May 20, 2009

Lucas's card and bear

A little blurry, but this card was made via Becky's cricut machine. Awwwe-sommme! It cut out the card with the carriage front, and it also cut out a coordinating envelope. It recently went to six-week-old Lucas, the baby of a friend from high school. His bear turned out very cute with a little cabled scarf, even if his ears are a little snaggley.

And I'll be making more animals whenever I have some time. There has been ZERO time to knit for the last week because my sister and her family are staying with us due to a fire in their house. No one was in it, but the smoke damaged everything. Everything. Photos and scrapbooks are among the most lamented losses, of course. It's fun having them here, but life is much busier. So a bear and an elephant are in the queue to replace Laura and Sam's originals.

One of these days I'll also finish the shrug I've been making for myself. In the mean time, I'll post more about the garden because the kids love helping outside. They do not love helping me knit.

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