February 21, 2011

I don't know how to title this post without using a pun, so here it is: OH, BOY!

I was nervous for our ultrasound this morning because I'm a worrier and I just can't help it. But everything looks good and we could clearly see that we're having a boy. Most people, including myself, thought it would be a girl, but there you have it. Now I can start really obsessing about names.

The tech didn't get the greatest pictures because he was moving around so much. We like to imagine he's pretending to be a T-Rex. But the best and coolest thing ever is that when we finally got a good shot of his hand you can see he has hubs's crooked pinky:

So I'm really relieved and excited. When I called my sister to tell her the sex she exclaimed to the room at large and I could hear Sammy shouting, "yay, yay, yay, yay!" Laura wanted to talk to me. "I'm so excited that your baby is a boy," she said very politely and evenly. "I hope I will like him like I like Max. I think I will." I'm sure she would have been much more jubilant had it been a girl, but it was a sweet moment.

February 19, 2011

The sweater I actually made and have worn.

Cascade 220 makes a toasty garment, which I've needed up until a few days ago when we had an incredibly warm spell of 50 degrees. Of course now it's getting cold again, because that was just a horrible - and yet glorious - fluke. It is not in February's true nature to stay above freezing for more than 24 hours. February is Minnesota's one great flaw. Unless you count March.

Anyways, I'm happy to say that the flaws in my knitting are known only to me and to the few people I've confessed them to, and I know where all of them live, so whatever.

It took a year to complete this project and that does not bode well for someone with several dozen sweater patterns in her faves and a baby brewing. Given the choice, I'd rather be knitting than doing laundry or wiping butts, but sacrifices will have to be made. The dangers of falling asleep with sharp objects in my hands aside, maybe I can knit while the baby naps.

Silly as it may be, I nixed my original plan to use toggle buttons on this sweater because they can sometimes be sort of pokey. Pokey things on clothing are uncomfortable for babies, therefore toggle buttons are out. It's a classic A=B and B=C so A=C situation. It's ironic, really, because I'm starting to maybe notice that this baby is a bit pokey itself. We're still in the was-that-the-baby-or-just-gas? phase. But it's exciting to speculate.

Also exciting is that our anatomy ultrasound is in two days. TWO DAYS! BOY OR GIRL? We shall see. In 35 hours, to be precise.

February 14, 2011

Valentine's blue.

Who says Valentines have to be pink and red and purple and sparkly and ruffly? Other than every six to ten-year-old girl I've ever known?

A four-year-old boy. It kills me that he no longer accepts my kisses and I suppose someday he'll stop giving me his already sparse hugs, but I'm embracing the way Sammy does love. And that is through race cars.