February 24, 2013


Why not? My pics for Oscars 2013.

Favorite overall: Halle Berry
Favorite color: Sally Field
Favorite black: Samantha Barks
Favorite sillouette: Salma Hayek

Honorable mentions: Sandra Bullock
 Stacey Keibler
 Kristin Chenoweth

Seriously Halle. Just stop.

February 1, 2013

Triangles are the devil.

Ok. Since we moved and I have a toddler and I really, really like to sleep I have not crafted much in the last several months. But I have crafted this:

I'm only showing the full view of this baby quilt because the pattern is really cute, but for the love of God please don't look too closely.

This looks super easy, I thought. It's just sewing straight lines, I thought. I've never done triangles or binding but I can totally do this in a week, I thought. Well you know what's great about babies? They smell good and don't care about precision sewing. Here are the cute fabrics, all flannel:

Find the original pattern here!

January 10, 2013

Paper flower mosaic.

Huzzah! I finished something recently!* Thank you to Crystal Seibert of It's Doable for the idea, which of course I found on Pinterest.

This is an AWESOME way to burn through paper scraps, and I'll be sharing more paper mosaic projects later. Unfortunately, while I love the way this turned out ... I don't like it over the mantel, which is where I was planning on putting it. I have no idea what to do with this now. I think the problem is that my house is full of muted colors and the red is just way too vibrant without anything to balance it. So do I make another one with different colors?

Something has got to replace our mantel "art;" a marker sketch I did of the view from our back steps looking out onto the light rail and mills. It is geographically inaccurate. And very, very plain. Perhaps the red was a bit of an over-compensation.

UPDATE (1/3/13):
We've moved! Now we don't have a space over the fireplace for artwork as it's a really, really, really old-style mantel with a mirror - which works great for quaint xmas decor.

So the flower mosaic ended up in my new closet-sized craft room. I hung it with an empty gold frame I had lying around and I dare say I like it. Brightens up what it otherwise a pretty crowded space.


Also, I can now sew while being watched over by a *totally authentically signed* photo of Barbara Walters.

Very inspiring.

*True, but this isn't it. Wrote this months ago. Soon we shall see the real project-of-late.