February 25, 2010

One for me, one for you

I feel like all I make is baby items, which is nice because they are small and quick. I've recently added to the collection with the following items. Now, I'm not necessarily making things for my baby, because I'm too superstitious for that at this point, but one never knows if one is going to end up keeping certain items that one has made simply because one knows at least ten people having babies this year.

This is the bib I started and finished while in Georgia. Just had to add the button when I got home. I would list the pattern but I'm too lazy to go find it right now. We'll call that a symptom of week eight.

This is a mini version of the classic bear and I need to change the location of the ring because it currently appears as though he is being hanged until dead. Oops.

This is my own pattern for a zebra of unusual colors. His back legs may be longer than the front ones, but I like him and will call him Squishy.


February 21, 2010

Well, the plunge has been taken.

Oh, Penny. Don't look so bewildered. Soon enough, you will have someone to lick who is not able to refuse you! *until adult-sized hands descend, swatting*

I. Am. Pregnant. And since this picture was posted on Facebook today, the whole world knows it! Which is a relief, even though it's still early - only eight weeks. Secrets are the worst.

Let's not focus on the scary things, but list the exciting things! It'll be cute (I think); it'll be snuggly (I hope); it'll smell good (when not covered in spit-up); it'll have at least one cousin to play with; I think Laura and Sammy will love it; Penny likes kids; my dad just retired; I don't have bad morning sickness; shopping for it will be fun; and to quote Sarah Chalke, "I'm gonna love the crap out of this kid."

February 14, 2010

Artsy-fartsy in Atlanta

It's about time I did this. What have I been doing? Clearly not blogging. But here we go.

My and Becky just spent a week in Georgia visiting her first-grade teacher, Louise, and husband, Josh. For better or worse, they've remained family friends all this time. We used to drive to Omaha for visits, but they moved to the Atlanta area last year. It was Becky's third trip, but my first.

The World of Coke is pretty awesome. Here is a photo tour of some of the more crafty aspects:

These are in the lobby, but there are more elsewhere to total maybe 20, and they all seem to represent a different culture. And it is true; Coke has infiltrated every corner of the globe.

This is my favorite piece of art from the gallery area, by Comer Jennings. Something about colored glass is scrumtrulescent.

TINY scooter made of Coke cans. It was about four inches long.

More Coke can art.

And yet more.

Now we move to the Georgia Aquarium, where the gift shop houses these fun beaded creatures:

Puffer! If I'd been thinking, I would have noticed where these treasures are made. But I didn't, so we'll assume that some church group right there in Atlanta did them.

At the home of our generous hosts:

Egret! Strangely enough, this sculpture was made in MN but purchased in Omaha and now resides in Kennesaw, GA. Apparently, Gertens carries them and I think I need one for my own yard.

This is where we relaxed for TV watching, magazine reading, and knitting. I'm proud to say that I started and finished a project during our week's stay; a bib whose owner is TBD.

And this is the LYS where Louise works. The Whole Nine Yarns. We spent an afternoon there knitting and walking the area. Best place to eat in GA: Pure Taqueria. Just down the road and winning for most intriguing name: The Right Wing Tavern. I also marveled at the greenery, since we have none in MN right now. Oh, no. We have several feet of snow and roads with alternating patches of ice and potholes and no one knows where to park and if I have to wear long underwear much longer I'm going to implode!

Also, Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh, AND I'm entering a giveaway for this "Nelephant" by Danger Kitty Designs. Enter for yourself here!

February 8, 2010

Wise Words: Men (and women) lose in superbowl spots

Travel news soon; but first, this from the Ad Broad:

men lose in superbowl spots

Odd that a televised extravaganza targetting men would be rife with advertisers belittling them. "Hey, guys, you're henpecked, emasculated and illiterate," many spots said, in essence, "but buying our stuff will make you feel virile!" Really? What guy falls for this? Don't brand shepherds realize we've come a long way since Walter Mitty. And why haven't they noticed that 39 million viewers are actually women?

In case you missed it, here's a sampling of commercials I'm talking about, and the hypothetical creative briefs they were based on:

It's not easy being a man. You have to recycle the garbage, put the seat down, listen to your wife and be nice to her mother. Whew! But a big car can make it all feel better. (Dodge)

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