June 6, 2009

Baby Hat #2

So here's the hat. I made a blue one a while back, so now I'm prepared for someone to have a baby of either gender. Not that I subscribe to that kind of thing. For all you know, the blue one would be for a girl and the pinks/yellows one would be for a boy. Ha!

Just kidding. I'm open-minded, but I understand that a kid needs to fit into this world. Although, why is it that a girl can pretty easily wear blue or red, but a boy still cannot wear pink? I guess it's just not as cool to do things like a girl (ie: throw). Of course, the whole conversation is moot if a baby is born neither male nor female*. Ok, I'll stop.

Really, this or the blue hat will probably be given to my sister to give to her friend who is due this fall.

*This link does have what some would call graphic photos.


Nina said...

That is so cute!

Sara said...

EW! I looked at the link.

The hat is cute! Love the band. Good job!