June 29, 2009

For my lieges

These crowns for Laura and Sam were very easy, thanks to the pattern from This Cosy Life. Just added the sparkly buttons on the points.

Sam would not model his crown for me, and I keep forgetting to ask Laura, so this is what you get!

June 26, 2009

Bib for baby unknown

My former coworker is going to be a grandma soon! This is the same woman who made me the perfect wedding dress. She and her daughter (and son) are very sweet women (and man), and we know how I like to gift things.

There is a very popular book out there called The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. I've never really figured out my language but my best guess is that it's gifts (rather than affirmation, quality time, acts of service, or touch) because I really, really, ridiculously like thinking of, making, and giving gifts - especially useful ones. And there's something very loving to me about getting something that time and effort was put into, or that just really represents you. That being said, I also have an appreciation for NOT giving or receiving too much STUFF, and the hubby and I are notoriously lax about celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

ANYWAYS, this knit bib pattern is courtesy of Itchy McStitchy. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to line it. I figured it would protect all that cute baby clothing from messes a little better (even though I know very well that you could put a baby in a plastic haz-mat suit and it would still find ways to get messy).

My sewing machine hates me. It has nothing to do with my not knowing how to use it, or with it being forty years old, or with it needing oil and a good cleaning. I could not get the stitches to stick! It would either bunch or skip huge spaces. I tried all the settings and it finally worked when I changed the needle (??). Whatever. My corners looked like a horrific accident so I knitted little "accent" flaps to cover them. Sure, it's a little embarrassing that my professionally sewing coworker will see it. But she knows I'm a novice.

June 22, 2009


I lied when I said I'd be back on the 20th. I was actually back in town on the 19th, figuring I'd upload pictures the next day and post some fun and fantastic things...but here we are - June 22nd - and I'm STILL working on it. I've been job searching, playing with the kids, running to Home Depot multiple times, making Father's Day cards...the excuses are endless.

Here's a picture, just to keep things pretty. It's my favorite part of our yard. He just looks so sneaky.


An exciting gift for a friend's grandbaby that requires knitting and sewing. Me, sew? It scares me, too. I guess bears are getting old. You know, wrinkly and losing their fur and always grumbling about the days when you could catch a nice salmon and be done with it - not like today when you get those suspiciously pumped-up ones that are way more than you can eat and you just end up wasting half of it.

Another exciting gift which is a dress-up item for Laura. I've already given it to her but it needs some sparkle. Literal sparkle. She just turned five.

Even more exciting pictures as the garden saga continues. Will the mysterious bugs eat all my broccoli???

June 11, 2009

Back to my framing roots

My mom brought me this cute card from her recent trip to brasil thinking I could frame it for the bathroom where I have a yellow duckie bath mat and coordinating toiletry accessories. It matches perfectly.

The quote is one of my favorites from The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Here in Portuguese, it translates the same as it does from French, in which the book was originally written: "the essential is invisible to the eyes."

So I used my trusty Logan mat cutter to turn the card into an 8 x 10 with a yellow silk mat on top and a basic white mat below. Seriously good investment on the mat cutter. It doesn't do everything, but what it does do comes out just as nice as a mat cut on the $2000 cutter at the shop - I don't know that the 220 model is sold anymore, but I think it was about $100.

So here's my lovely mat. If I'd been thinking while I was at the store buying the frame I would've gotten different colors, but I wasn't. So this was the best combo I could get out of what I had. The yellow silk is almost exactly the same color as the walls. I may change it someday but I needed to hang something in there.

It almost makes me miss my old job...well, not really. I do miss the framing and my coworkers. Some of the customers. The odd job like this one is satisfying and just the other day I went to a knitting night with a couple of ladies from the store. It was at Crafty Planet, which is my new favorite LYS. Just a really good selection of yarn. Useable, you know; good blends, good wools and cottons, tons of sock yarn, all price ranges. Plus they have fun fabrics and other wares for the creataholic.

In other news, I'm on vacation next week! No posts! Blurg! See you on June 20 for North Shore recap.

June 10, 2009

Brain Slug!

Futurama fans unite!

Thanks to NanoPants Dance for this awesome pattern for a brain slug from the fabulous TV show, Futurama. Here, you can see it sucking my brain juices, rendering me incapacitated for any head-wave activity type of thinking kind of things.

It's a gift for Joe, although what he'll do with it is a mystery. It's too small to snuggle or use as a pillow. Oh, well. Here's a little clip of a scene where we are introduced to brain slugs...

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June 6, 2009

Baby Hat #2

So here's the hat. I made a blue one a while back, so now I'm prepared for someone to have a baby of either gender. Not that I subscribe to that kind of thing. For all you know, the blue one would be for a girl and the pinks/yellows one would be for a boy. Ha!

Just kidding. I'm open-minded, but I understand that a kid needs to fit into this world. Although, why is it that a girl can pretty easily wear blue or red, but a boy still cannot wear pink? I guess it's just not as cool to do things like a girl (ie: throw). Of course, the whole conversation is moot if a baby is born neither male nor female*. Ok, I'll stop.

Really, this or the blue hat will probably be given to my sister to give to her friend who is due this fall.

*This link does have what some would call graphic photos.

June 1, 2009

Egret Sighting

I don't know why I don't take the camera every time I go down to Lake Hiawatha...yesterday I went with the husband, sister, niece, and nephew to romp around the play ground, which has probably the best equipment I've ever seen. The kids like to play house in one of the structures (I'm always the baby, and for some reason they always want me to cry) and one of our regular family activities is "going to the ocean;" meaning we walk fifty feet to overlook the lake for two minutes before returning "home" for lunch, naps, or whatever. Sometimes we take the "car," which is the seesaw.

So on a trip to the ocean yesterday, we discovered a gray egret right there, just off the shore. Everybody came over to watch it catch a little catfish. I can sit and watch animals for hours if I have the time and a camera, but the kids got bored and wanted to go play. It was very cool for a few minutes, though. On a previous trip to the park, there were three gray egrets flying around. I wonder where the white one has gone to.