June 22, 2009


I lied when I said I'd be back on the 20th. I was actually back in town on the 19th, figuring I'd upload pictures the next day and post some fun and fantastic things...but here we are - June 22nd - and I'm STILL working on it. I've been job searching, playing with the kids, running to Home Depot multiple times, making Father's Day cards...the excuses are endless.

Here's a picture, just to keep things pretty. It's my favorite part of our yard. He just looks so sneaky.


An exciting gift for a friend's grandbaby that requires knitting and sewing. Me, sew? It scares me, too. I guess bears are getting old. You know, wrinkly and losing their fur and always grumbling about the days when you could catch a nice salmon and be done with it - not like today when you get those suspiciously pumped-up ones that are way more than you can eat and you just end up wasting half of it.

Another exciting gift which is a dress-up item for Laura. I've already given it to her but it needs some sparkle. Literal sparkle. She just turned five.

Even more exciting pictures as the garden saga continues. Will the mysterious bugs eat all my broccoli???


Nina said...

Teehee, I love your froggy! I want one too. :)

Sara said...

I have frogs in my flower garden too. My guy friend comments every time he comes over that it is indecent to have them two humping on the front stoop. I love frogs! What bugs on your broccoli? Ours is looking pretty good.

Theresa B said...

Maybe it's squirrels nibbling the broccoli? I've never seen the culprit, there are just little holes and chunks missing out of some of the leaves. It's not destroyed, but certainly something is targeting it.