June 1, 2009

Egret Sighting

I don't know why I don't take the camera every time I go down to Lake Hiawatha...yesterday I went with the husband, sister, niece, and nephew to romp around the play ground, which has probably the best equipment I've ever seen. The kids like to play house in one of the structures (I'm always the baby, and for some reason they always want me to cry) and one of our regular family activities is "going to the ocean;" meaning we walk fifty feet to overlook the lake for two minutes before returning "home" for lunch, naps, or whatever. Sometimes we take the "car," which is the seesaw.

So on a trip to the ocean yesterday, we discovered a gray egret right there, just off the shore. Everybody came over to watch it catch a little catfish. I can sit and watch animals for hours if I have the time and a camera, but the kids got bored and wanted to go play. It was very cool for a few minutes, though. On a previous trip to the park, there were three gray egrets flying around. I wonder where the white one has gone to.

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