December 24, 2008

Two gifts

This elephant is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and it's going to my nephew, Sammy. It was definitely more difficult than the bear or bunny and there was a point where I had a huge, gaping hole in the face that I wasn't sure was going to get remedied - but it turned nicely into a trunk! First time I did seed stitch (for the ears).

My niece, Laura, saw me wearing leg warmers one day and wanted some, so she dug through my knitting bag and pulled out the homespun from which my first bear was made. She asked, "is it too scratchy?" because she once wanted a washcloth made from a ball of wool she found and my response was that it would be too scratchy. She loves "projects," and has quite a memory. She's four, so I adapted the pattern from my own legwarmers and I'll have her pick out some fun buttons for me to sew on as decoration. Please excuse the hideously pink chair.

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