December 17, 2008

Bracelets galore

Ok, so these aren't the greatest pictures, but I wanted to post my current stock so if anyone out there wanted more details or to purchase anything, they'd be able to see what I have.

A couple in the oranges. I love orange and crave it in my life, which is weird, I know, but there you have it. I love to eat all kinds of orange food. Great meals can be made from grilled cheese, carrots, and bar-b-que chips. The one with the boot charm is hessonite stone cubes.

I love lampwork beads. They're the quirky ones on the double-stranded bracelet that look like they have pimples.

I do a lot in blues. I guess it is, as they say, a peaceful color.

More blues. Most of my jewelry is made of glass beads and base metal. I generally try to note if the case is otherwise.

And still more blues. The top one is sterling and the middle one includes some stones (the large, rectangular beads).

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