December 17, 2008

Penny's sweater

I couldn't find a dog sweater pattern that I liked. Or rather, that I felt like tackling. This was stupid. Because now I'm trying to write a pattern for something I've never made - an article of clothing. Ok, that's not accurate. I made Joe a hat. Easy to size, right? It's too big. I overcompensated for his giant head. But I've started this sweater and really want to finish it, but in addition to being something I don't know how to size, for some reason I decided this was also a good time to learn how to cable.

This is Penny, wondering what I was thinking.

This is Penny, kind of growling at the sweater as I present it to her. No, I take that back - she lets me lay it on her periodically so I can eyeball where I'm at, so my guess is she was actually growling because I stupidly pointed something sharp in the direction of her head.

The yarn is great - a deep forest green tweed. Very distinguished for a hunting dog (even one who did not protect me one iota from the guy who came into our house to steal our ipods while we were home). You can just barely see the cables - but I like the way they're coming out and think they really make it look more professional. You know, like it was done by machine.

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