December 17, 2008

Doesn't everyone love tiny things?

Tiny knitted sweaters and stockings! The patterns are from, of course, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but I modified them a bit. I think they're supposed to be ornaments, but it would be cute to frame a set in a shadowbox. I love these for many reasons - one of which is that they aren't specifically Christmas, they're just wintery, and you still need winter cheer when the holidays are over.

Striping sock yarn is fabulous, except you have to wind little bits of the skein to get to the right part of the pattern so the front and back of the sweater is the same. The stocking pattern was an excellent way to learn how to turn a heel and someday soon I'll be making socks for myself. It's cold in MN.

These don't actually match, but they're close. The sweater was made out a scrap - love that! The stocking is what I'll making my own socks from. Yikes, ending a sentence with a preposition...oh, well.

These are my favorite - made from this really old-fashioned, rough, heather wool. Mini Paul Bunyon wears these as he reads in front of the fire.

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