January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a good time last night at a friend's house; playing games, drinking champagne and beer and bailey's, and setting off explosives.

My hopes for 2009 are plentiful and I've been thinking about resolutions even though I usually don't make them. From the lists of popular ones: enjoy life more. For me, this will mean getting out and doing stuff - even sometimes when I feel like sitting in front of the TV instead. It might mean going out even after a long day of work (presuming I get a job). The job thing is also on the lists of popular resolutions.

Conquer fears? Somehow this isn't on the lists I've seen. Doesn't everyone have fears? Well, I do. Am I ready to face them? Well, who wants to do that? Are you crazy? So it might not make the list. I want to be ready to face them, and I guess that's the first step, right?

I also want to be a warmer person. Ironically, I'm horrible at correspondence yet when I write cards I can say the most intimate and sincere sentiments. I hope I don't come off as cold in real life, but fear that I do. It might have something to do with the fact that, more than once, people have told me they thought I was a bitch when we met. Somehow I've just seemed to get more shy as I get older. Plus my at-rest face isn't very welcoming, I admit. In a related vein, I want to be more open about my opinions and I want to stick up for myself more. Knowing that I hold things in, I also know that getting more comfortable expressing would probably do me good. And I want to be less apologetic for who I am. Whoever that is at whatever time it may be.

I want to write a song and share it.

I want to hang things in my bedroom.

I want to start brushing my dog's teeth.

I want to plant things in the yard.

CRAFTWISE...I hope can hold on to the motivation to do projects while working full-time, because it's therapeutic. Plus, it's awesome when you get to give people things you've made. It's also awesome when people BUY things you've made. I'm hoping to knit Joe this sweater. I need hand warmers for myself. And there a couple new babies on the way...I'll probably copy Danger Kitty's resolution about using her stash instead of buying more and more stuff, and I'd like to be in some more craft shows this year (more than I was in 2008, which was one, so God help me if I can't do better than that).

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