January 20, 2009

Women who lie

The Star Tribune has an article online this morning about a recent study showing that women may be less likely to be able to control hunger impulses than men. Basically, 13 women and 10 men fasted overnight and then were exposed to their favorite foods while using a technique to suppress thoughts of hunger. Brains scans showed lower activity in the men's brains, but not in the women's, even though both groups said the technique decreased their hunger.

I don't take exception to the article - or even the possibly dodgy study. As usual, I take exception to some of the reader comments. As soon as I read the part about the discrepancy between the women's responses and brain activity, I thought, "great, another case that idiots out there will take to mean that we can't trust what women say, especially when it comes to their own health and bodies." Sure enough, slowasscivic says:

"See even while hooked up to scientific instruments women will try and lie! Just be honest! :) Excuse me while I go grab some delicious cake NOM NOM NOM."

The civic isn't the only thing. Or maybe it's me - am I too slow to get that this reader was making a joke? Sorry, it's just not funny when there's so much other crap out there, like this OBGYN clip from Global Sports Fraternity. The group says they simply bring out the comedy in pro sports, but that's a lame excuse for showing women, their body parts, and their personal situations in totally inappropriate and unrealistic ways. Blurg!

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