May 15, 2009

Mischief Managed: Complete disregard for her own health

We built a pathway from the back walk to the front walk last year along the north side of the house. The grass on either side was cleared, too, because we plan on putting some shade-loving something-or-others in there. Oh, man. Landscaping is not for ninnies.

Other areas of the yard have taken presidence over filling these strips of dirt (the garden, mostly), and so the weeds have been having their way with the area. We periodically clear some of them, which is why they appear to stop abruptly. I'm not sure what Penny was chasing in there, but I'm trying to teach her "out." It's not going well. But she's allergic to something in the yard and spends way too much time licking her paws because of it. Apparently, dogs can be allergic to creeping charlie, and although the purple flowers look kind of pretty here, I'd like to get rid of this naughty weed. I think I'm allergic to it, too.

Penny also likes to roll around in the grass sometimes, after which she struggles to wipe the dirt away from her eyes. You'd think she'd stop doing it, but that would be altogether too logical. At least she doesn't roll around in her own filth.

The lilacs. "Love it!" *I say while kicking up leg.*

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