May 14, 2009

Dear Bruce,

I'm so sorry I failed at making your decorative collar. I thought I measured it out right, but it ended up being about five inches too long. Also, I totally messed up your name. It's practically illegible. Obviously, my tension with the white lettering was vastly different from that of the blue strap. And as you can see, the result is a sad, disjointed row of letters - some of which are squished, and the rest of which are stretched. Wah waahhhh.

Humbly yours,

1 comment:

annabelle said...

You stop it right now- that is so perfect for Bruce I can hardly stand it. He is slightly squished and stretched at the same time too--- so this is just right up his alley.

on a side note, my "project" is taking slightly longer than anticipated to finish for you... this just means you will get fun summer mail when you least expect it.

watch out!