August 11, 2009

LYS: Needlework Unlimited

I decided to make it a tradition to knit myself a sweater every year, this year being the first (so we'll see how the "tradition" thing goes). Here's the sweater, pattern by Loumms, that I'll be making:

I decided to go to Needlework Unlimited to find yarn. I'd only been there once before and I had forgotten how totally awesome it is. Huge selection of yarn, plus purse handles, needles, and - what all the best shops have - leather pads for mittens and slippers.

This small pic isn't the half of it. I spent, oh, 30 or 40 minutes just wandering around touching everything and reading labels and then circling the store in such a manner three or four more times. Finally, I asked an employee her opinion on subbing yarn and settled on Cascade 220 - very reasonably priced and tons of colors. Of course, I choose a boring cream color.

Whatever. The point is that NU is awesome and today I found out they have an outlet. Both locations are across town, but I'll probably save up my projects and make the trek anyways. And during the summer it's a really nice drive through the city via our fabulous creek/parkway/lakes system.

I hope it's fortuitous that the designer's body looks to be the twin of mine and my first foray into sweater-making is successful.

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Nina said...

Good luck with the sweater! You chose a very pretty pattern. :) I wish I had the twin body of the model.. Unfortunately I have twice the body of the model. Serious dieting will commence when I go back to work. Hmm, I think I lost my point in there somewhere..