August 7, 2009

Ahem, ahem, ahem....

When I extracted the individual carrots from the mutant carrot-tangle, I only found two that resembled (in my mind) anything interesting.

I had no appropriate props for this one. If I'd have had a mini disco ball, it would be more apparent that this carrot is partying the night away, as you can see by the closed eyes and open-mouthed singing. My sister thinks it looks like an opera singer. And I suppose it could be viewed as a ghostly figure, too.

But THIS one. This one obviously only has one interpretation: shrimp. I didn't even need to give it a face or fins or scales or whatever the hell shrimp have. It just looks like a shrimp. And this is what comes of 20 minutes of diorama-making.


Nina said...


Sara said...

The first one looks like a tree from a scene in Oz.

Cute carrots!!