August 19, 2009

Celebrating GREEN and other summer colors

As often as I remember, I like to take a moment to fully appreciate how lovely summer is in Minnesota, because I know that soon - always too soon - it will snow. Fall is nice and snow is fine for a while...but does it have to go on and on and on through January and February and March and even April? Sheesh. Why do we live here again?

Ah, summer. Gardening has helped me reflect on this since I have to go out and pick a couple dozen beans every day. So I thought I would share more of our garden.

It doesn't look so giant here, but the ripening tomato is giant. We've picked a few tomatoes, and in about two days I'll have handfuls more. Luckily, we also have ripe jalapenos and a green pepper and maybe a couple of small onions (the onions are wearing the garden dunce cap this year). Mmmmm, fresh salsa.

My mom puts fresh cilantro in her fresh salsa, but ours has flowered and I refuse to buy a bundle at the store because you get so much that you throw away 80% of it. But fresh Italian parsley I have in abundance. We've already dried enough to refill our shaker, but it. just. keeps. growing. It's practically eclipsing the thyme and oregano.

Woo hoo! Broccoli. We thought the broccoli was going to be the garden dunce because of a lot of sneaky green worms that had been eating the leaves. But they stopped. And the broccoli grew ridiculously huge (I guess; I've never grown it before) so as to shade and, thus, totally stunt my second planting of lettuce rows. And now we have this one clump and there's a faint broccoli smell in the area.

We also didn't know if we would have success with the sunflowers we started too late. But it looks like, once again *swiping brow*, luck is with us.


Nina said...

I've got veggie garden envy! We still haven't eaten much from our garden, some lettuce, peas and beets. Oh, and basil, I've eaten so much basil that it's coming out of my ears! And there's still tons left. I'll probably get to pick our first beans and tomatoes over the weekend, yay! :)

Sara said...

I think I'm going to do sunflowers next year. I just loved the one peeking over my neighbor's fence. Good luck with the broccoli. Them worms are sneaky.