August 29, 2009

Sexy Asian Farmhouse Antiques

No, this blog has not been hacked. There is a legitimate reason for today's title...

Antiques, my very smart husband points out, are TOTALLY related to crafting. You know, because they're so old they were made when things were done by hand. Crafted, if you will.

So while doing a little freelance data entry (woo hoo) for the store my mom manages over in St. Louis Park, I discovered the FUNNIEST SIGN EVER outside of an antique shop just down the street.

Well, I didn't discover the sign, I just happened to take a picture of it. Saying I "discovered" the sign would be like making the claim that, inexplicably, history teachers of the last two centuries have been making - that Columbus "discovered" America.

Anyways, I needed to see for myself what this sign could possibly mean. So when I was done working - despite having digits and map codes still blurring my vision - I toddled over to see the goods. A lot of stuff was new, which is weird for an antique store. Or as one furniture shop by my house likes to call them, "newtiques." It's written on their awning. And I guess they aren't the only ones, because if you Google it you get a bunch of results. So I guess that's what you call new things in an antique store.

Anyways, cheesy, kitchy, and really awesome old tables aside, another woman came in while I was there and started regaling the employee about how she works in the area and knows tons of people on this very busy thoroughfare and they are laughing at the sign. They don't know what it means, and they're laughing at it. The employee knew just what to do. Call the manager/owner. So the woman is regaling the manager/owner now over the phone about how people are laughing at the sign, and she thinks it should be changed.

OK, enough. Here it is:


Nina said...

Well, at least you get a lot of attention with a sign like that! :D

Theresa B said...

You sure do! I wouldn't change it. I probably wouldn't have thought to make it in the first place, though.

Anonymous said...

They changed the last part to FLAT SCREEN TVs. Seeing the sign made my day.

Anonymous said...

Betcha some red neck white boy put that sign up