July 6, 2009

WIPs: knitted bag and pen palm

This awesome bag is called Miragamo and it's a Ravelry pattern by Georgie Kajer. I'm uber excited about it, except that I'll have to KNIT 11 STITCHES TOGETHER. Are you kidding me?? No? Several times? Sheesh.

This is the yarn I'll be using. The pattern calls for 100% hemp, which apparently you can't find in stores. I suppose I could have ordered it online, but I found this green wool while I was on vacation for half-price. Honestly, what I'm more worried about than knitting 11 sts together is sewing up a lining. Sewing + me = strange or unintended results.

And then there's this guy; another pen drawing. Knock on wood...between this and knitting, I'm sure to be blind or riddled with arthritis by the time I'm 40.


Sara said...

Did you say 11ktog?! oh my. Good luck! Hemp is hard to find and so expensive! I wanted to do a crocheted hemp apron that was super cute, but upon calculating the cost, it was almost $90 for the materials. No thankee!

Nina said...

Knit 11 stitches together?!? That's simply just not possible. Nope, it just isn't.