July 8, 2009

As the Garden Grows...

Bam! Three days in a row of posting! Although this is just a garden update.

Here you can see how the garden started in modest terms back in May, when we transplanted all our seedlings into it:

And here you can see that, while some seedlings perished, many more thrived and were joined by the superfluous plants we bought from the neighbor girl's school (those are the biggest ones):

Now the corn is definitely more than knee-high, the peas have run their course, we've harvested our first row of lettuce, the carrots and onions are beginning to peek above the soil, and the beans and zucchini are flowering:

AND...we have tomatoes and peppers galore! I've been able to step outside for fresh herbs. This gardening thing is pretty awesome.


Nina said...

Greatlooking garden! My veggies are growing really slowly for some reason, we'll see if I get anything homegrown this year. :( At least we'll have a few tomatoes and fresh basil. I have to get better soil next year, maybe things will grow better then.

Theresa B said...

Good luck, Nina! Our soil is not great - very sandy - but we sent a sample to the University of Minnesota and they told use what fertilizer to use. They are an awesome resource! http://www.extension.umn.edu/Garden/