August 31, 2010

One day Google is going to rule the world. Mark my words.

So I was bored about five minutes ago while my pictures were uploading to the Target website and I decided to experiment with Google searching.

The first result for "crazy crafts" is this dude's blog from India and he's obsessed with origami.

On one hand, I can only imagine some high school delinquent using his wide-ruled paper for everything but notes. On the other hand, it is pretty cool.

Now if you search for "crazy art," the first result is a very obscure section of Houston's Chinatown Connection website titled "Crazy, Mind-boggling Art." I can't even find it via the homepage.

A. of all, I didn't know Houston had a Chinatown.
B. of all, somehow none of the artwork really fits. I mean, isn't that a white-tailed deer? We totally have those in Minnesota, and I'm pretty sure they do not populate China.
C. of three, some of the paintings aren't really all that crazy. Take Bucky* here. An animal form hidden in otherwise incidental scenery is not unheard of. Also not unheard of: melting clocks, dementors who've blown a tire, and gobble-ti-gook that takes the form of a sailboat if you stare at it long enough. Ahh, art.

Finally, a search for "food crafts" yields a top result from Incredible Edible Crafts, which is fantastic.

Gumball flower bouquet. Awesome. This former teacher devotes her site to providing instructions on creating candy/cookie/fruit/veggie bouquets. There's candy making and edible kids' crafts, too. A ton of it seems to be free. I burned myself just this noon making a regular old veggie burger, so I'm not about to start working with stringy, sticky, scalding sugar - but who knows. There was a time when I would've said I'd never make a cake with mohawked babies riding carrots on top.

And now I'm not bored, but I could really go for some candy.

*I realize this is a portrait of a doe, but I don't remember Bambi's mother's name, and after all, a painting of Bambi's mother would probably have a very different, very grusome look. And Doey sounds like I'm speaking of cookies or cake or donuts. I really need some candy.

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