August 27, 2010

Best. Tool. Ever.

Back when I was a framer I got to use all kinds of *sweet* tools, and this was one of them:

Only the ones in the frame shop weren't pink. We used them for mounting artwork and sealing the dust covers to the back of the frames. When I'm framing things at home, I really, really miss those kinds of tools that make the job so much easier. Honestly, I just haven't bothered to put dust covers on my frames at home because I'm not big on diluting glue to paint on the back of the frame OR on wasting expensive scrapbooking tape, never knowing if it would hold anyways.

But now I have a glorious ATG gun, and it came with two giant rolls of acid-free tape, which I've already tried out making cards and it works just swimmingly. I don't know if these are still available(!), but I got it at Michaels and it was an awesome deal... other ATG guns I've found have been between $60 and $70. This was listed for $35, so with my 40% off coupon I got it for $20, and some portion of the profit was given to cancer research (hence the pink).

If I could buy a paper trimmer and a pneumatic staple gun (and maybe a several-thousand-dollar mat cutter) I'd set up shop.

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