August 9, 2010

Wanted: Repurposing ideas

First of all, I almost just typed "reporposing" in the title of this post, and now I'm wondering how you could reporpose something. Like it originally resembled a porpoise (correct spelling) but then something happened and it was disfigured so you reporposed it.

Also, I'm no etymologist, but apparently porpoises are also known as mereswine, which is like some strange hybrid of the French word for SEA (mer) and the English word for SWINE (swine) that essentially names these majestic creatures "pigs of the sea." Not very flattering.

Aquatic mammals aside, I recently purchased a box of cards from my place of employment, which I enjoy but blame for my severely reduced presence on the internets of late. Having used all the cards, I now have this cute box that I don't want to throw away. So my challenge to you, my little cabbages,* is to come up with a use or project idea.

*My junior-high French teacher insisted that this is a common expression of endearment, but as I remember it, she also used it interchangeably with "my little donkeys," and she also had a routine of what I can only assume was a full ten minutes of daily hairspraying. Not the kind of earth-friendly hairspraying we do these days (is that even a thing?), but the early 1990s kind of toxic, mind-numbing hairspraying.


kwink said...

Could you make it a box to hold recipes in? I often feel the same way about the boxes that hold stationary from your place of employment!

Reuben said...

You can screw it to the wall in your living room and fill it with photos of porpoises.

You can make a crafty label for the box that says "porpoises only."

annabelle said...

I use those little stationary boxes for earrings, bobby pins and the like.

Could you use it for coupons? Do you use those?

Theresa B said...

Fabulous! In the end, however, I decided to regift it as...a box of cards. Before you go thinking that my originality is seriously in the crapper, I did make the cards currently in it and didn't want them to get smooshed from tying them together or putting them in a plastic sleeve. So the box's first intended use called again.