August 19, 2010

Craft Supplies Sale!!

Craft sales are the best thing since clothing swaps, and I. Am. Pumped. Sarah, one of the HandmadeMN members, is allowing other crafters (hoarders) to price their own stuff and bring it by so she can pawn it off on other obsessive DIY freaks.*

Yarn, fabric, frames, scrapbooking embellishments, paint supplies, beads, etc, etc, and even some free items. FREE! Hopefully I won't spend whatever money I make on new stuff. But that wouldn't be so bad.

Stop by the 13XX block of Murray Street in St. Paul if you're interested in participating in some awesomeness. Saturday, August 21, 8-2.

* I'm sure there won't be any freaks there. Only very normal, responsible, upstanding citizens who vote and have busy hands. In fact, if idle hands the devil's workshop, it's pretty much guaranteed that this sale will be full of heavenly angels.

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