September 8, 2010

All "cabins" should have showers, dishwashers, and four bedrooms.

There's nothing wrong with camping, but I prefer to visit the north woods in comparative luxury. Hubs and I recently traveled to the Ely area, birthplace of Jessica Biel and home-base of Jim Brandenburg, to spend a long weekend at a friend's cabin.

Like "our" cabin, it does indeed have showers, a dishwasher, and four bedrooms. Also like our cabin, activities are dictated largely by the children in attendance. Thus, there was chasing:

a fair amount of crushing:

plus a lot of story time, bike riding, and *trying* to take naps.

The cabin was fantastic and our lovely hostess bestowed upon us her glorious cooking skills via homemade cheese, bread, flapjacks, chocolate zucchini cake... it was glorious. We also found opportunities to do all the real cabin-y stuff a person should:

hiking, knitting, cribbage-playing...

canoeing, fishing, s'more-making...

and doing an impression of one of my favorite Harry Potter movie moments.

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Nina said...

Looks like a beautiful place!