September 29, 2010

Made in MN Blogventure Wednesday 13: How Many Tuppence Can I Fit in this Bag?

The premise:
This blogventure celebrates my favorite colors, blue and green, while paying homage to the awesomeness of the HandmadeMN members via Etsy treasuries. Each one features items from a particular crafting category as listed on the HandmadeMN blog. If you like the items, leave a comment on the treasury - comments will bump the treasury toward the top of the list so other folks are more likely to view it and give some love to these fabulous artists!

Some categories have just a few shops and others have so many that they'll cover more than one week; I want everybody to get fair attention, so you might see some random treasuries here and there. It'll take at least six months to get through all the HandmadeMN shops, so saddle up!

Ammendment 1 (8.8.10): When I say "Wednesday" I really mean any day of the week.

This week:
How Many Tuppence Can I Fit in this Bag?

All Things Jane

And More Bags
Crazy Busy
Shaggy Baggy
Veske by Lindsay

1 comment:

Melissa Miller said...

If you ever run out of blue and green things to find, my favorite color is orange. I'm just saying.