September 26, 2010

A little gnome told me...

to make a gnome hat. And then put a beard on it. So I did, and I'm hoping it will fit an infant and that said infant will tolerate it just long enough for a photo op.

Here it is next to a mug for scale:

Adult-sized version coming soon, possibly even with a pattern attached!


Melissa Miller said...

OMG who is this for???? Baby Boy Benson??? Or does Dan Mills have a super tiny head...?

Theresa B said...

Mills's head is HUGE! Or at least I hope so, because the "adult" hat in the works is maybe going to be a *slouchy* one. I think the baby hat might inspire a new blog in which I take the hat everywhere I go and just ask random people if I can put it on their babies and take a picture. I don't know. The concept is in its infancy. Eh?