June 1, 2010

Made in MN

I've been looking for a blog project a la Julie and Julia, because it's fun to go on little adventures, and since creating my first two Etsy treasuries I feel like the fates have made the content decision for me.

Hot for Blue and Green and Sea Baby follow different themes, but similar colors. Blue and green are peaceful. They remind me of the cabin we go to every year on Lake Superior. Of course, going on those family vacations is not always relaxing; sometimes it's boring, sometimes it's annoying to share bathrooms (but at least we have them), and most of the time it's a pain to plan a week's worth of meals for eight people - including two picky kids. One year, there were worms hanging by silk strings from all the trees. Another year, I ran over a snake on the Alpine Slide.

But reminiscing about these vacations is generally much more romantic - roasting smores, playing cribbage on the porch, listening to the waves from bed. Playing bocce ball on the green grass that's stuccoed with tree roots. Skipping blue lake rocks into the blue harbor of Grand Marais. Yes, it can be quite idyllic.

So my first blogventure is going to celebrate blues and greens while paying homage to the awesomeness of the HandmadeMN members. Each treasury will feature items from a particular crafting category as listed on the HandmadeMN blog. First up: Va-va-va-vintage. Stay tuned!

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