September 28, 2009

My first decorated cake is literally a "wreck"

Yesterday we had a baby shower for our friend Kim; it was officially the first gathering at the house sans family. We had a great time talking about babies and birthing and whatnot.

I love hosting things because I can indulge my organizational chakra and play event planner without the crazy demands of a bride or other such paying party. This time I wanted to do a carrot-riding babies carrot cake, a la Cake Wrecks. I was delighted to find the exact baby figures at JoAnn, and had planned on picking up a carrot cake at the bakery. But the places I talked to either didn't have carrot cakes with the frosting carrots on top or they had just had a sale on carrot cakes and were out. Blerg! So I made my own:

A wonderful young woman at the Cub Foods bakery sold me a couple tubes of frosting that she colored and then showed me how to make the carrots. As it turns out, it's not that hard. Sure, my weak little hands made the carrots come out kind of squwiggly, but they look more authentic that way, right? The hardest part was sprinkling/throwing the chopped walnuts at the cake to get them to stick to the sides. Then I just had to add the babies:


Sara said...

I just saw that cake on cake wrecks! You did an excellent job! Love it! And I think carrot cake for a baby cake is perfect.

canadian seasoning is a mixture of salt, garlic, pepper, dill, coriander, onion, and thyme. McCormick makes it I think.

Anonymous said...

That is BEYOND awesome. I looks great, it's a great homage, and it looks tasty! You should share it with Cake Wrecks.

Nina said...

That is one yummy looking cake! And the babies are so funny. :)

Becky said...

That turned out great! I'm very impressed.