September 22, 2009

Knitting for charity is an easy decision

But deciding on which charity is not. If I had the time and money to make a metric ton of things to donate, I would gladly do so. These are the charities that I want to help out, but I'll probably have to narrow down the list a bit (or a lot).

Bundles of Love: Provides basic items for local infants in need.

Hats for the Homeless: Distributes warm clothing to homeless individuals nationally.

Mother Bear Project: This locally-based group sends knitted bears to kids in Africa affected my HIV/AIDS.

Red Scarf Fund (Orphan Foundation of America): Sends Valentine's care packages to young adults entering college who have no immediate family support.

Sheila's Shawls (Silent Witness National Initiative)
: Named for Sheila Wellstone, sends shawls to mothers and sisters of women who have died due to domestic abuse.

Snuggles Project (Hugs for Homeless Animals): Makes the enclosures for sheltered animals a little more cozy.

I don't know why this always enters my consciousness when I'm starting to think about the winter holidays, because most of these orgs, if not all, accept and need donations year-round.


Sara said...

I do crochet hats and donate them. But that last one caught my eye and I think I may consider doing some small blankets for my local pet shelter.

havfaith said...

All worthy organizations! I actually have a hat and scarf combo to donate. Just have to figure out where locally to drop them off. I have to say the Snuggles project is one of my favorites. I started one of the patterns from their site several years ago, got distracted and it's been in storage across the country for a year and a half now. I need to start a new one... Thanks for the reminder!