April 8, 2009

Random thoughts

It turns out that knitting a dog collar is a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. But I will prevail; after I take a long, long break from thinking about how to put a closure, cables, and letters in it - all while building in a sleeve for the real collar and/or a slot for the leash to connect through.

In the mean time, I'll be working on the FREE GIFT that was won by AnnaBelle in my giveaway drawing. It's a surprise everyone will have to wait to see...

AND I'll be working on a bolero for myself. I so hope it works out, because I can always use more layering clothes. Even in the summer - especially in the grocery store or movie theaters.

Speaking of dog collars... my friend Jenny is involved in rescue operations for animals who are on track to being euthanized :( mostly because they were lost, left, or mistreated. She usually works with Australian Cattle Dogs and there's a super cute one currently in need of home who I would totally take if I didn't already have a dog who would not do well with the addition. Anyways, Jenny is walking in the MN Valley Humane Society's Woofer and Hoofer fundraising event on May 2nd. I'd like to walk if anyone wants to walk with me.

Here he is. He's from IL and Jenny just got MVHS to take him. Woo hoo! We don't know what will happen to him from there, though.

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