April 14, 2009

Hold the mayo

I'm working on a set of play food, which has been fun because all the pieces take a relatively short time to make. Most of the patterns I found for free (yay!), but there just wasn't a sandwich that I liked out there. So I fumbled through making my own.

I love things that are ridiculously easy - like making a pink rectangle and calling it ham. I'm still toying with the idea of making smaller orange rectangles and calling them cheese.

I'm a little disappointed with the lettuce because I wanted the colors to intertwine more. But since it's not closed at the back (you can see both sides), I couldn't have long strands of yarn stretching all over the place or tons of little knots and woven-in ends. Thus, the end result is stripy. Oh, well. I'm guessing the kid playing with it won't be a "food critic."

1 comment:

annabelle said...

ahhh! I LOVE your lettuce. It's perfect. It totally reminds me of the plastic food my nieces play with- sort of bendy, and almost real...

nicely done!