April 21, 2009


I'm watching Patti LaBelle on the Tyra show. She is looking for a chef and I LOVE that she notices things like loose ponytails, hand washing habits, and double dipping. I HATE that they pulled a woman out of the audience to taste some stuff and they (Patti, Tyra, and some other woman) couldn't shut up about how skinny she was.

"Are you hungry?" "You need to get something on those bones." "Do you like eating?" They were TOUCHING HER STOMACH and saying how it was jumping every time she took a bite. Then they sent her back into the audience with a huge dish of food. Every imaginable condescending comment was made. What a great example of how judgmental women can be of each other. No big deal? These kinds of interactions are never meant to be complimentary - they are meant to 1) get a few laughs and the expense of someone's appearance, or 2) pit woman against woman, body part against body part, in order to boost someone's confidence by making a spectacle of someone else.

It's not ok to make fun of someone for being "fat," and it's not ok to make fun of someone for being "skinny."

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