April 28, 2009

A looooooong time coming

Woo hoo! I finally finished this gift of play food for our friend's two-year-old. I've been feeling guilty because I met them right after Seb was born, and I never had a chance to make him my usual bear. So maybe he's a little young for play food yet, but it was fun to do something different. Plus, I can continue to make food from the same skeins because each piece takes so little yarn. Yay efficiency! The canvas tote was probably the most expensive thing at a couple bucks, and instead of buying a fabric marker or fabric paint I just used a Sharpie. Hopefully it won't bleed if they wash it and he can use it to help at the grocery store.

Included in my play food set is:
An ice cream cone
A strawberry
A carrot
A pea pod
A cupcake
A lemon and lime
An apple
A banana
A ham sandwich
A pretzel

Thanks to all the designers of these patterns! The ham sandwich and pretzel I just made up. The pretzel is just some brown in i-cord twisted and tacked with a few stitches.

Making play food is an awesome way to feel productive - you can get a result in just a few hours. I pretty much ignored the yarn used in the patterns and just bought a bunch of colors in the same weight - then used size six needles for all. I also modified some of the patterns a little - because I'm just like that. The yarn is all acrylic so they can be tossed in the washer when enough child drool has crusted them over, but I think a fruit basket made with some nicer cotton or bamboo or silk yarns would make a nice table centerpiece.


Melissa said...

You are AMAZING!!!! I love the play food SO MUCH.

How much would you sell another set for??

Love, Missy

Heather said...

As the mother of the recipient of this gift, I concur that you are amazing. He's just starting to play with pretend food and the neighbor kids love it, too. So, it was good timing. It's actually very useful in teaching him the names of various foods.