July 30, 2010

I love scarves, but...

they do have a tendency to dangle in unwanted places. The dog's face, the kitchen sink, my cereal bowl; that kind of thing. But now....BEHOLD!

Cowls. I don't know what their fates will be. Clearly I shouldn't have tried to sell them at an outdoor sale on a 90 degree summer day. But the internets have no weather patterns outside of the occasional blip in speed. Remember when all there was was dial-up and you had to wait like 20 seconds for every page to load? Now, if it's not instant, I have a very precise reaction: swear while pounding my fist on the desk, then roll my eyes while still managing to use my peripheral vision to keep tabs on the screen in case it changes, then full-on look at the screen for a moment before swearing and pounding my fist on the desk.

The point is, the cowls will probably end up in the shop someday.

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