July 8, 2010

Dogs are for wrestling and people are for snuggling

It's been a while since we've heard from Penny. She's been busy eating, sleeping, pooping, and eating her poop. She also discovered a new hobby: being afraid of thunderstorms. One of my hobbies is being a pushover, so when she creeps over to the bed after the sky-grumbles start and looks longingly up at me, I have to snuggle her. More proof that she will find whatever reason she can to curl up in a lap or the crook of an arm all the day (and night) long. She also shakes a lot, which really ups her patheticness.

She isn't nearly as social with other animals, especially if she's on a leash. This week, however, she made a new friend despite her usual growly routine. She's defensive; maybe it's her size or her breed or her lack of proper training. I don't know. She just doesn't like to be sniffed, and I have to say I quite agree that this is really a violation of personal space. She's also growly when she plays, which can be confusing for other dogs and their people, but Lily the beagle took it very well. Penny (and long-time cohort Gretzky) would prefer wrestling when playing with other dogs. But if you're like Lily and you're not a wrestler, running so fast that you grunt every time your feet hit the ground will suffice.

Why the running starts, we don't know. What the running will accomplish, we don't know. We only know that it is fun and then they sleep.

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