July 19, 2010

Woodbury Lakes Art Faire is a scorcher!*

Temperature-wise, not sales-wise. Although I did make enough to buy myself the dress from the neighbor booth that I'd been eyeing for two days.

Yes, it was so hot and humid the first day that we had to shut down early as it gave way to rain and, um, tornadoes. The second day was more pleasant. Traffic was good but people weren't buying anything! At least I hear pretty much the same story from most of the other vendors, so I have some reason to hope that it's not just that my products are totally undesirable. Even better, there were many positive comments from the browsers, which will help me understand what products I should be focusing on. Even though focusing is for chumps.

The other nice thing about this "faire" was that I was able to cut my booth fee by sharing a space, and that also meant I was covered for bathroom/leg-stretching/Chipotle outings. My cohort, Monique, was awesome. She witnessed the schizophrenia that is my little business, and I learned all about the skunk problem in her neighborhood. We also traded goods, which is always fun. It's like shopping without spending money because by the time the goods switch hands you've forgotten all about the purchasing of supplies and the time it took you to make the thing.

All in all, a good first outdoor show experience.

*RIP Steve Erwin.

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