July 5, 2010

Sometimes it's fun to look through old stuff.

This is why my mom never throws anything away and why I also have this inclination. Unfortunately, hubs recently informed me that he would like there to be nothing in the entire basement of our house; he's on a bit of a purging rampage. He believes in simplicity and responsible consumerism. I believe in not having to buy things later when you can save them now. It's a different kind of responsible consumerism. Compromise; THAT'S the name of game, ABBA.

So while rummaging through an old file cabinet looking for 1)my passport and 2)my social security card - in a bit of a panic because I really thought I had lost both* - I found this:

It's a project from my graphic design class in journalism school. The grey rectangle is there because I don't want any of you crazy people showing up at my parents' house thinking you'll be getting cold-cuts and sheet cake.

I'm a little ashamed of the blatant judgment my message via that poor chicken's board places on folks who put on costumes to make a living. TC Bear is frickin awesome. Also, I have a lot of respect/sadness for people standing on the sidewalks of Edina dressed like Lady Liberty. It may be a crappy job, but at least you've got one. And who knows, maybe it's a great job. Maybe I should look into it...

Actually, speaking of jobs, I did recently score part-time employment at Patina (which is why I was searching for certain documents providing proof of my legal status). But I'll continue crafting and, hopefully, making really bad posters and such on the side. Here's the one I did for hubs's graduation:**

* Not the case; employment, here I come!

** May contain historically inaccurate detail.


Joe said...

Are you claiming that I wasn't the "most improved"?

Theresa B said...

I'm only claiming that the one gift you did receive - the log - was not, in fact, thrown in the fire. That is all.