March 24, 2011

Drawings 4,5,6, and 7.

Bear with me, I had a very productive drawing day. Not necessarily successful, but certainly productive.

Ok, this was *kind of* successful, in a sort of surrealist way. Do I get credit for pulling out an antiquated style (thanks, grandma's estate sale!)? We have a chair similar to this one at our letter desk:

The skunk. Skunks are not attractive creatures, except for their cute button noses. Which is ironic.

You'll very soon see that if my illustrative skills have a downfall, it is the human form. Van Gogh's ear is just a teaser. It may also prove that my concept of lighting is slightly awry.

Just photoshop my drawing in and VOILA! Not really. But I did guess the correct ear. Although apparently Van Gogh did not chop off his own ear - the deed was done by a frenemy during a fencing match.

And now, just because it's creepy and true, here's a picture of a human ear scientists grew on the back of a naked mouse.

I actually consider this last one to be such a success that it's doesn't need an explanatory photo. You know how you always want what you can't have? That's how sandwiches are to pregnant people who tend towards paranoia.

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