March 17, 2011

642 things.

I bought a book at work that I hope will help my creative endeavors, because it takes very little thinking and almost no physical movement. It's called 642 Things to Draw. I realize that having the need to be told what to draw suggests a basic lack of creativity and I'm *pretty sure* the drawings I do will suggest a basic lack of talent. I humbly accept this and look forward to tackling such sketches as "a jar full of pennies" and "a mirage." Yes, a mirage. Probably the most entertaining drawings will be inspired by things like "swim fins," I don't really know what those are.

So whenever I feel particularly sedentary I'm going to get out my mechanical pencil and draw until I come across a suggestion that I'm too weary to take on, or until I'm so angry about the disconnect between the picture in my head and the one on the paper that I retreat into a silent reverie and stare wistfully out the window for the rest of the day, probably rocking back and forth ever so slightly.

I'm making a rule for myself that I won't skip anything and I will post everything - no matter how embarrassing this gets. Also, there are no instructions or pictures in the book to follow so I'll be doing it all by memory before finding actual pictures of these things to see how far off I am.

I started at the very beginning yesterday, and here's where it took me...

Turns out that while I was clever enough to interpret this more than one way, I do not know how to draw a suit jacket. So Mr. Anchorman (or Mike "Snaggle-eye" Pomeranz) looks like he's wearing a lab coat with a very respectable pocket square. See how he's shuffling his news papers with his tiny hands? All around, I'm pretty pleased.

Eh? Eh?

I was trying to go for a striped canvas, but my version just isn't quite there.

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miss.e.motional said...

HAAHA oh my gosh. Your post showed up in my blog feed an I could not WAIT to see why there was a picure of The Pomz! I was not disappointed, and am very excited to see all 642 drawings. xo