March 19, 2011

Baby room on a budget.

Ok. So I *could* have skipped the bedding set, the new curtains, the new paint, the wall decor, etc etc etc. Really, what does a baby need? A place to sleep (be it a $100 crib or a $500 crib, or a drawer as they did not so long ago), clothes (thank God for hand-me-downs), and food (me).

Well what's the fun in that? The coming together of this room and all the baby prep is quintessentially me - a good balance of frivolous and frugal. Here's how it's looking:

I maintain that my only error was going to Babies R Us with my mom and another woman of equal persuasive skills. Together they whittled away at my resolve with their dastardly logic and I bought the bedding set I had picked out as my favorite. It was $70 off for a floor model set, see.

And what does every crafter do when she's pregnant and facing a deluge of baby products to register for, buy, clean, and organize? She thinks "oh, I can just make that" about every fifth item and then suddenly she's got several yards of fabric and two sewing machines that barely work, plus two gallons of paint and a husband who will be recovering from foot surgery for a couple of months. She may become a little overwhelmed and possibly weepy.

On the other hand, I got the bedding on clearance, the paint with a coupon, the fabric on sale, and the wall art at a discount at my place of employment. All this cost about $275. At the original prices I would have paid about $415, and it would've been a lot more if store-bought curtains and a new rocker were involved. So we might splurge a little on the crib because the one we really, really, ridiculously want is maybe a little expensive. But STILL. I could totally be on Design on a Dime.

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Becky said...

I am totally confident in our sewing/reupholstering skills. This is going to be fun!