March 28, 2011

Drawing 8.

Have I ever mentioned how awesome Google Images is? I'm finding that almost every time I go to look up "the real thing" to compare my drawings to, something wonderfully ridiculous greets me.

When I say ridiculous, I mean no disrespect to The Soldier String Quartet. After all, this photo was taken in 1989, and I feel confident in saying that we all regret something about 1989. I was only eight so I don't really remember regretting anything, but I'm sure it's there. Probably my thick, blunt-cut bangs.

I could only manage to do the one drawing for this post because it's rather involved and, as I've mentioned, people - with their annoyingly detail-heavy faces and impossible proportions - are not my thing.

A normal string quartet is a cello, a viola, and two violins. BORING! I celebrate the lost art of the hand harp.

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