March 26, 2009


Our garden has officially begun.

I've got snow pea, lettuce, and broccoli sprouts. I'm so excited to plant a garden this year - because I've never done it and don't yet appreciate how hard it probably is, plus I have hope that we can actually get some edible produce out of the deal. You can almost see the things growing...between yesterday and today there's a marked difference! Maybe in the next few days we'll also have pole beans, zucchini, carrots, and green onions. Yum.

We also planted a slew of perennial seeds with which we'll try to fill in the copious amount of bare dirt we have. And by bare, I mean laden with weeds. That's one struggle. The other is that most of this area is on the north side of the house where there is little sun and even less drainage. We're trying to save money by going the seeds route - but the savings might be used right up if we have to install gutters. We'll see. The next few weeks will have to bring about those kinds of decisions...

For now I'll bask in the satisfaction of having sprouts AND the re-emergence of the lily I almost killed over the winter. It was in a pot at the front window all winter where it seemed to be slowly dying. I would water it sometimes and then pick off whatever dead leaves were loose and eventually, all the dead leaves were gone and there was just two short green stalks that have proceeded to thrive now that they're no longer impeded by the other crap. It's horrible, but this is kind of my gardening M.O. Don't treat the plants too nicely and hope they become hardy enough to withstand inconsistent watering and alternating periods of scorching sun/no sun. I'm treating the seedlings much nicer. For now.

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Anonymous said...

I crave a garden. You're starting far more ambitiously than I, however. I've got some parsley, basil, and oregano going and a tomato plant that's sprouting nicely. I hope I can keep them all going once I find a place to transfer them to.