March 1, 2009

Mischief Managed: Penny helps with chores

My apologies for the cell phone photo...

This is what happens when I sit down. Penny gets all up in my business, no matter what I'm doing. Only when I'm eating does she know that she's not allowed anywhere near my lap. But she often tries to squeeze herself betwixt me and my laptop. Sometimes she goes ahead and lays her chin on it.

Then there are those days when I do my exercises - after elipticalling for a while, I lift some five-pounders and then do maybe 20 minutes of stretching. As I bend at the waste to touch my toes, here comes Penny, weaving in and out of my dangling arms in a futile attempt at forcing me to pet her. Then I sit on the floor in the butterfly position and she crawls in there, circles a few times, and then hunkers down while I try to bend forward as far as I can without crushing her or tearing any muscles.

And as any pet owner knows, laundry is the best chore to be involved in because the person folding may very well have a lap to fill, and if no such lap is available, there are probably piles of scrumptious-smelling, soft clothes to muss and fall asleep in.

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